Drinking Kombucha – The Health Benefits and Risks


In recent years, kombucha has risen as a popular beverage choice for health enthusiasts. Many enjoy drinking it for its apparent health benefits. Some claim that it can even prevent cancer! However, what do the facts say? Consider the health benefits and risks of drinking kombucha before adding it to your diet.

What is kombucha?

It’s simple: A fermented tea beverage made by combining a bacteria and yeast mixture with green or black tea and sugar. This process creates a fizzy, tangy drink known as kombucha. It can be brewed at home or found at local supermarkets. 

health benefits?

Kombucha is rich with antioxidants and low on sugar and calories. Moreover, some scientific studies exist that prove drinking it can promote good overall health.

A Natural Probiotic. Studies show that kombucha contains acids that can help rid the body of toxic substances, much like a probiotic. Probiotics promote gut health. This includes the mouth, stomach, intestines, and digestive tract.

Strengthens Immune System. Scientific experiments show that some properties of kombucha strengthened white blood cells that underwent radiation exposure. These experiments, though not conducted on a living organism, reveal that drinking kombucha may produce a stronger immune system.

health risks?

Health risks regarding drinking kombucha include poor sanitation and over-fermentation. Furthermore, home-brewing greatly increases these risks.  

Poor Sanitation. Kombucha does contain bacteria, so prepare it in a clean environment. For home brewers: properly sanitize any jars or utensils you plan to use, and apply all brewing safe practices. Failure to do so could result in adverse side effects.

Over-Fermentation. Do not brew kombucha longer than the recommended time frame (about 7 days). Over-fermented kombucha can contain toxins and excess acid, and this will offset any positive effects.  

Ultimately, when prepared properly, drinking kombucha has many overall health benefits. However, beware of the health risks as well. Furthermore, drink in moderation. 

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