Be Aware of Overly Eating Acidic Food

Be aware of overly eating acidic food combinations.The main cause of illnesses or improper development (inconsistency and difficulty caused by, whether obesity or anorexia) is always a acidic organism. It should be remembered that acidic food must not be consumed more than 20% of total food diet.
Usually,majority of cooked food are acidic. So if you take bread and pastries in the amount indicated n this menu, this’s the total amount of acidic food that is foreseen and allowed. Therefore, you should not take any more grams from other acidic articles. Furthermore, if you take up to 100 g of the following products then you must completely exclude the bread and pastries.

Your choice is regarding one or the other, but you may not take any of the following items to take more than 100 g per day. In case you take any food of the acidic origin. Remember the amount of Bread and Pastry must not exceed 250 grams per day! Be aware of overly eating acidic food combinations.

The list of some ACIDIC food

Milk products: butter, margarine,processed cheese, ice cream, soy and cow boiled milk, hard cheeses, all soy products, all boiled and baked foods.

Meat: all meat, eggs, fish and crabs, pate and meat processed products

Cereals: all cereals and products including bread, pasta and rice (excluding grain cake).

Fruits: sweetened fruits , plums , cranberry’s , rhubarbs , cherry’s .

Sweeteners: sugar, corn syrup,jam,jelly, chocolate,cocoa,vanilla sugar,honey

Spices and others: black tea, balsamic vinegar, curry, chocolate milk, carbonated drinks, tobacco, wine and alcohol.

– Breakfast time is at 8:00 am
– The time for snacks is between 10:30 am and 11:15 am
– The lunch time is between 15.30pm and 16.30pm
– Time for second snack is between 18.30pm and 19.00pm
– Dinner time between 20.45pm and 21.15pm

 IMPORTANT: Hence,these terms apply only for the first 30 days,   afterwards the second lunch is skipped. Furthermore ,shift  the super to latest 18:00 pm .After dinner, only a glass of yogurt, kefir or smoothie may be taken. For the best interest of your health, consider this  diet lifetime.

If possible, in this diet avoid Alcohol completely.
In case you may not resist to some of above mentioned food in this Diet. Take it occasionally, not more than once in 15 days and not more than one meal. Strengthen your will to not repeat this habit too often.

Of course, this healthy diet serves as recommendation. While, in the end, it’s your personal choice to follow through. Be aware of overly eating acidic food combinations.

Preparation of tea: Put 3 teaspoons of herbal tea in 1 liter of water, cover and boil. Leave to cool, filter, put in a bottle and store in the fridge. Drink half hour before each main meal a cup of tea.

This amount of tea should be enough to consume per day. 

Enjoy, stay positive and healthy!

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