About Us

Dear readers, sole purpose of this website health.my24.info is to help and teach you about healthy foods, herbs, and ways of storing and preparing it, so you decide what to apply. According to your own tastes and needs. If you properly maintain your engine with all recommended fluids, your Vehicle is going to run smoothly for long time. Similarly is happening with our own Health and body. It’s going to improve,last longer and function properly. Your ride through life will become each day much enjoyable. Therefore,you are going to find great satisfaction in everything you do. The healthy food, positive thinking, good resting, healthy exercise.

Change your life for better 
Here we would like to talk about how eating healthy foods can change our lifestyle for better. We all like to improve our life habits by making wise choices. By everyday healthy eating of various foods based primarily on raw diet. By eating primarily  fruits and vegetables on daily basis. This kind of healthy diet is proven by many famous nutritionist and authors worldwide. Also thoroughly documented by many people’s life testimonies from all around the world. Eating healthy foods is most important part in anybody’s life,but needs to be accompanied by positive thinking,good resting and appropriate body exercise.

The combination of these principles may lead you towards improved health conditions by achieving higher levels of healthy life. Of course, this is something that all of us, either old or young should look forward. In that view, we would like to give you dozens of healthy and nutritious recipes, free to use, as well as many good pieces of advice in order to help you, dear reader, to accomplish your everyday ultimate goals.

Furthermore, We will try to help you in this text to start becoming healthy. So that you can begin to relieve the body pressure,illness or discomfort due to wrong way of eating habits. The rest you have to do yourself. We are going initially make list of healthy and unhealthy foods. Make recipes for various food meals. You have to take an active part in it and finish the recipes ending with two messages:

Be Happy and Find Your right Recipe! Each day examine your way of eating healthy food!